Existing Hall Bookings

Review existing bookings in the below table before submitting a request. A booking is only confirmed when it is ticked.
Please note the hall is typically not available Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in term time.

Booking DatePurposeMorningAfternoonEveningConfirmedPaid
Mon 18/03/2024DC Drop In
Mon 08/04/2024Board Meeting
Mon 15/04/2024District Cub Leader Meeting
Mon 10/06/2024Board Meeting
Mon 17/06/2024DC Drop In
Mon 16/09/2024DC Drop In
Mon 14/10/2024Board Meeting
Mon 09/12/2024Board Meeting
Mon 16/12/2024DC Drop In


Previous 12 Month's Hall Bookings

The below table shows previous hall bookings, whether confirmed or not.

Booking DatePurposeMorningAfternoonEveningConfirmedPaid
Thu 29/02/2024Board of Trustee meeting
Mon 12/02/2024Board Meeting
Fri 26/01/2024Scout meeting
Fri 19/01/2024Network
Fri 12/01/2024Network
Sun 24/12/2023Family Event
Sat 23/12/2023Family Event
Fri 22/12/2023Family Event
Sun 17/12/2023Weekend
Sat 16/12/2023Weekend
Sat 09/12/2023Overnight sleepover
Mon 04/12/2023Meeting
Fri 17/11/2023Network
Fri 20/10/2023Network
Fri 13/10/2023Network
Mon 09/10/2023Meeting
Fri 29/09/2023Network
Mon 04/09/2023Explorer planning
Mon 03/07/2023Explorer planning
Fri 09/06/2023Meeting
Mon 05/06/2023Meeting
Fri 19/05/2023Network
Thu 11/05/2023Change in location from school Theatre to scout hut due to the school rewards evening
Sun 07/05/2023Family
Sat 06/05/2023Family
Sat 06/05/2023Family
Fri 05/05/2023Family
Mon 17/04/2023Explorer planning
Sat 15/04/2023KISC
Fri 14/04/2023KISC
Tue 11/04/2023Booked
Fri 07/04/2023Network
Mon 03/04/2023Meeting
Sun 02/04/2023Booked
Sat 01/04/2023Booked
Sun 26/03/2023Booked
Sat 25/03/2023Booked
Fri 24/03/2023Booked
Thu 23/03/2023Booked
Sat 18/03/2023Booked
Fri 17/03/2023Booked
Mon 13/03/2023Meeting
Fri 10/03/2023Booked
Fri 03/03/2023Network