Minibus Bookings

We welcome scouting and voluntary groups to hire our minibus. Please review existing bookings in the below table before submitting a request. A booking is only confirmed when it is ticked.

All hires must be returned with full tank of fuel, otherwise charges will apply.

We will only permit drivers over the age of 21 and who have held their driving licence for at least 2 years and have D1 entitlement on their licence. New drivers will need to register their details with us using this form before booking.

Terms and conditions of booking can be found here. Please note, we accept booking on a first come basis, with our own groups taking priority. Telephone bookings will not appear on this webpage until the details have been entered online.

Start DateEnd DateGroup16 SeaterWeekend24 HoursFreeWeekApproved DriverConfirmed
Fri 28/06/2024Sun 30/06/2024Redditch district explorers
Fri 05/07/2024Sun 07/07/2024Redditch district explorers
Sat 20/07/2024Sat 20/07/20241st Matchborough
Sat 10/08/2024Sat 17/08/20244th Knowle Sea Scouts
Thu 22/08/2024Mon 26/08/20241st Matchborough
Thu 29/08/2024Mon 02/09/20241st Matchborough
Fri 20/09/2024Sun 22/09/2024Redditch District Explorers

Minibus Type *

Hire Type *

Driver Status *

We must be informed of any accidents, convictions, bans or issues obtaining insurance.
Please re-do your driver registration if any of your details (inc. licence) have changed.


Previous 12 Month's Minibus Bookings

The below table shows previous minibus bookings, whether confirmed or not.

Start DateEnd DateGroup16 SeaterWeekend24 HoursFreeWeekApproved DriverConfirmed
Fri 31/05/2024Sun 02/06/20241st Matchborough
Tue 28/05/2024Tue 28/05/20241st Matchborough
Sat 18/05/2024Sat 18/05/2024Ben
Fri 03/05/2024Sun 05/05/20241st Hampton, 1st Evesham Scouts
Fri 05/04/2024Sun 07/04/2024Redditch district explorers
Sat 09/03/2024Sat 09/03/20241st Matchborough
Sun 17/12/2023Sun 17/12/20231st Machtborough
Sat 09/12/2023Sun 10/12/20231st Redditch
Sat 07/10/2023Sat 07/10/2023Special Olympics Redditch
Fri 22/09/2023Sun 24/09/2023Redditch district explorers
Sat 16/09/2023Sat 16/09/20231st Matchborough
Fri 01/09/2023Sun 03/09/20231st Machtborough
Fri 25/08/2023Sun 27/08/202311th Redditch
Mon 14/08/2023Fri 18/08/2023Redditch district explorers
Sat 29/07/2023Mon 07/08/20231st Solihull Foredrove Scouts
Sat 22/07/2023Fri 28/07/2023Ben
Wed 05/07/2023Wed 05/07/20231st Matchborough
Tue 04/07/2023Sun 09/07/2023Matchborough
Sat 01/07/2023Sat 01/07/2023KISC - Appenzeller
Fri 23/06/2023Sun 25/06/2023Redditch district explorers